The House

     What we love most about our house is who we share it with. The Delta Gamma, Gamma Rho house is located at 501 N. Wittenberg Avenue at Wittenberg University in Springfield, OH. Our home houses 23 young women and is also the location where chapter is held every Sunday evening. In our house you can find our chef, Jeff, preparing lunch and dinner every week along with our house mom Gwen.

     During the week you will notice the girls running in and out of the house to attend classes, meetings, practices or even just relaxing in their rooms after a long day. On the weekends it comes as no surprise to see all of the girls in the house rummaging in the 23 closets to find a specific outfit to wear for the night. Not all the girls are worried about what they're going to wear, in fact some girls will hangout in their rooms and catch up on homework, catch up with some sisters who have had a busy week or some may even take it easy and sit in the TV room and watch movies and eat popcorn all night! The house is the perfect way to find someone to do homework with, workout with, distract (or help you) with your homework, or even help tutor or assist you in a subject that may come easier to them. With the help of our extra long dinner table, it is easy to all sit around and chat while we eat our meals, catch up on the latest Wittenberg gossip and get to see some faces that we may not have seen in awhile. There is always something going on in the house, why don't you come and check it out for yourself?