Letter from Recruitment Chair

Hi! My name is Ashley Save and I am VP Membership. I am an incoming senior at Wittenberg and originally from Toledo, Ohio. We had a great formal recruitment this spring and are looking forward to informal recruitment when we get back in the fall! Some events that PNMs have to look forward to are desserts with the DGs, a game and movie night with the active sisters, and of course preference night. During informal recruitment, PNMs do not have to go to all the houses or go to all the events that each sorority holds. PNMs can pick and choose what houses they feel at home at and focus their attention on those, which gives it a more laid back feeling than formal recruitment.
 Delta Gamma is our family at Wittenberg and away and we can not wait to share the love we have for the anchor and each other with the PNMs. Hopefully, we have just as much success with informal recruitment as we did with formal! If any alumni have any sponsorship forms they would like to send in for either informal or formal they can send them to me at savea@wittenberg.edu!

Ashley Save, VP Recruitment